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Sheet Metal CNC Bending

Sheet Metal Bending

Metalworking Star-Metal CNC Bending

Sheet metal bending is the process by which a metal is deformed by a force that causes
it to bend at an angle by drawing the metal on the outside and compressing the metal on the
inside; it takes the chosen shape, which is most often "U" or "V.

The method of bending metal sheets provides durable bent metal products and parts that are visually pleasing; as there are no visible welds and other joints. It also reduces the risk
of corrosion. The metal is not exposed to the risk of deformation due to heat since the process is carried out using force, rather than heat as would be the case with welding. Thanks to its aesthetics and practicality, CNC sheet metal bending is a great choice in art, industry and construction.

The most common metal bending is used for the following metals:

  • stainless steel;
  • ferrous metal
  • aluminium sheets.

Metal bending

is performed on professional bending devices, which minimize the risk of metal fatigue and provide very high precision. It is possible to bend metal plates in different angles and shapes according to customers' drawings or wishes. We can provide manufacturing services for sheet metal parts, both large and small, based on customer specifications, drawings and Lenstream capabilities.

Sheet Metal Bending

Lenstream offers professional CNC sheet metal bending

services that are characterized as durable, handy, easy to assemble and quick to fabricate. Our company guarantees that CNC
metal bending machines provide very accurate results. They are capable of bending sheets of metal up to a few millimeters in size and of up to several meters long. By contacting our company's specialists, the client will have access to a professional consultation, which will allow the customer to understand which CNC sheet metal bending form is most suitable.

The process of folding metal plates may include:

  • hangar decoration details;
  • roof, door, window panels;
  • raw materials for mailboxes, window sills, metal stairs
  • work surfaces of production premises,
  • kitchen details, interior design,
  • car spare parts.

Curved stainless steel sheets are a great choice for long lasting kitchen surfaces in restaurants, cafes, canteens and other catering establishments. They are easy to maintain and easy to work with.

Basically sheet metal folding uses three types of folding machines:

  • Pneumatic-sheet bending is done, thanks to a compressor which provides air force;
  • Hydraulic-metal- sheet bending presses incorporate the latest technology, so bent sheets with a hydraulic press can produce very accurate results.
  • Numerical Control (CNC) - provides highly accurate results and is capable of bending both metal sheets up to a few millimeters in size, and those in the form
    of sheets up to several meters long.

Metal laser cutting and bending service provider in the Baltic states.

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