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Metal Preparation-Pearling

Metal Preparation-Pearling

Pearling is a process that involves preparing the metal surface before painting. This is an essential process to prevent air bubbles forming after the application of paint, to create an
uneven surface and to ensure the final product is of high quality and lasts long. At its core is the blasting of metal and plastic balls against the work surface, thus smoothing it out without creating micro-cracks. Metal ball blasting is used on steel surfaces and plastic ball blasting on softer surfaces such as aluminium; in this way avoiding an opportunity that the deformation of the metal occurs.

Pearling techniques are used,

for example, when it is necessary to remove rust and old paint
on the car's body, or when cleaning industrial metal parts and parts covered with dirt. It can be used in all types of parts machining except bearings because of the rough surface of the
pearling. The whole pearling process takes place in a special chamber, thus ensuring that the shot blast is concentrated directly on the work surface. Lenstream has been an expert in the industry for many years and is successfully leveraging its
wealth of experience in solving the challenges. If you are planning to carry out metal processing, we recommend that you consult with our company experts. The staff will approach each client in a professional manner and will select individually what they want and need.


Lenstream offers the highest quality pearling work,

culminating in a high quality process development. Customers choose this procedure to also reduce tensile stresses by the following metal working methods:

  • Grinding is done;
  • Welding has been carried out.

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