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Metal Painting


Practical and Aesthetic Side-metal Painting of Metalworking

At first, it seems that metal painting is nothing special, perhaps it does not even come to
mind where it is used at all. However, this is a very large industry and we are pleased that
Lenstream is also able to offer this service to its customers.
Metal that is unpainted and untreated with an anticorrosive agent is exposed to corrosion in the atmosphere, water and soil, which can lead to structural damage. To prevent this, steel structures must be protected. This is one of the basic principles of long metal service life. What is important, when it comes to the construction of residential houses in Latvia, here the painting of metal structures is mandatory and recorded in the Latvian building codes.
Two types of metal paint are the most popular and sought after in metalworking:

  • Powder painting;
  • Chemical dyeing.

In the powder coating process,

the paint is powder-coated, dried, and solvent-free. The
advantage of this method is that it is not a long-lasting process, can be applied at once in a quilting layer, can produce all kinds of textures, increases physical and mechanical properties and does not produce air bubbles, which can later ruin the final result. However, the blotching method can be very costly. Mostly powder coating is used for painting:

  • structures;
  • construction products;
  • Metal profiles;
  • Forged products etc.

Lenstream offers a wide range of powder coatings, and in most cases, it is up to the customer to determine what and how the product will be painted.

Chemical dyeing is a process using a metal paint.

In order for the paint to hold on to the metal product best, firstly, it must be prepared. The preparation process includes:

  • Degreasing;
  • Decontamination of rust
  • (Preferably) anti-corrosion treatment;
  • Primed with primer paint.
  • The main advantages of chemical painting are:
  • Metallic luster effect;
  • Possible corrosion protection;
  • Scratch resistance;
  • Is more “friendly” with all kinds of metals.

If you compare these two types of metallic painting,

then powder painting is definitely the leader of the 21st century. Its possibilities are endless, everything is determined only by the
desires and financial possibilities. Most consumers prefer the powder coating technique because the paint dries quickly and the product is ready to use. If you are also interested in powder metallic or chemical coloring, we suggest contacting our
Lenstream consultants, who will kindly outline the information you need and delve into your specific wishes and needs.

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