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Metal Rolling


Customization of Metal for Each Need - Metal Rolling

Metal rolling is one of the most important manufacturing processes in the modern world. Nowadays, most of all metal products have undergone rolling, at some stage of production. Rolling is the first step in creating simple metal forms. Lenstream offers metal rolling from one-hundredth of a millimeter to several meters in width. Likewise, the thickness of rolled metal can vary from tens of centimeters to as thin as, for example, candy paper. Lenstream professional metal rolling services provide a metalworking process in which the workpiece is fed between one or more pairs of counter-rotating rolls to reduce its thickness and make it even.


Lenstream metal rolling services include:

is a modern and automated type of welding. In this welding process, the work is done with electrode wire and argon or carbon dioxide. The metals to be welded in this method are:

  • Hot rolling;
  • Cold rolling.

In the hot rolling process,

the metal is treated at very high temperatures, about +/- 1000 ° C. This temperature is higher than the recrystallization temperature of the steel, which allows the steel to be easily deformed and formed into large shapes. Cold rolling is a process in which hot rolling is first, followed by cooling of the metal to room temperature and annealing and /
or rolling. When comparing both types of rolling, Lenstream experts emphasize that hot- rolled steel tends to be cheaper than cold-rolled, as the metal does not need to be re-heated in
the further process and is more susceptible to Blacksmithing. However, the cold rolling process can be more expensive, but the metal processing does not shrink the volume of the metal. Cold rolling also improves the surface accuracy of a hot rolled product - dimensional accuracy and strength.

Typical materials that are subjected to the rolling process are:

  • Steel;
  • Copper;
  • Magnesium;
  • Aluminium;
  • Miscellaneous alloys thereof.

Hard-rolled materials are sometimes stretched at one or both ends to help the rollers compress the material to the required thickness. The process also improves the lubricant between the
rolls and the metal to be rolled, although it should be noted, that friction plays an important role in the rolling process.

When choosing a professional metal rolling service,

professional metal rolling service, the customer needs to understand

which metal will be needed to be rolled and what shape, after rolling, it will need to take. We recommend that you consult with our Lenstream experts to understand which type of rolling you would prefer and need. Our company takes a serious attitude to work, a unique approach to every customer and the provision of quality rolling services in both hot and cold rolling

Metal laser cutting and bending service provider in the Baltic states.

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