Metal laser cutting and bending service provider in the Baltic states.


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Laser Cutting


High-quality Laser Cutting of Tubes by Lenstream

One of the services that Lenstream can be proud of, is the professional laser cutting of metal tubes and profiles with the TRUMPF TUBEMATIC tube laser.

This machine allows one to cut pipes at any angle and cut holes of any shape; thus providing highly weldable welding and assembly locations with very high precision. Laser tube cutting provides:

  • producing large quantities of identical pipes;
  • makes it impossible to deviate from the norm, size, shape;
  • Developing the highest quality product.

Tube Laser Cutting Service

not only will simplify, but also speed up the production process. The advantage of this technique is that when the tube is cut, it is ready for use immediately; the beam shall be flat and precise.

Laser cutting of CNC tubes using tube drilling,

is a better way to result in both precise execution and speed of work, which is an important factor, so that the work of our clients does not stop. Lenstream professional laser cutting services make it possible to create even and precise cut edges because, unlike power tools, the laser beam does not wear off during cutting. Precise cut edges mean that the joints will be smooth and will not require additional grinding and finishing.

With CNC tube cutter it is possible to:

  • Create joints for assembly and welding;
  • A Cut pipes at any angle;
  • Also Cut holes of different geometry;
  • Best Cut the part up to 2200mm;
  • Up Cut steel pipes from 0.7 to 5mm thick;
  • Cut stainless steel pipes from 0.7-4mm thick;
  • Cutting aluminium pipes from 0.7-3mm thickness;
  • Cut pipes with a diameter of 20-150mm (diagonal distance).




99 %



11 k



In CNC Laser Cuttin

the metal does not spin. This is because the heat generated by the beam is concentrated at the point where the cutting is performed, which prevents the surrounding metal from heating, deforming, forming chips and dust.


Lenstream CNC tube laser cutting

is extremely accurate in size and angles, no matter how small or large the part the customer needs. Of all the pipe cutting services, on the market today, laser cutting is the most popular type of method for stainless steel and aluminium pipe cutting. Lenstream is a leader in this service, and we are proud of our many years’ experience, 4 professional staff, and extensive capabilities to help our customers achieve a custom- designed, quality product.

Metal laser cutting and bending service provider in the Baltic states.

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