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Hydroabrasive Cutting

Hydroabrasive Cutting

Hydroabrasive Cutting Technique

Hydroabrasive cutting technology, or water jet cutting technology, offered by Lenstream is a very unique and modern way of working with metal and other materials. Its treatment process is based on the use of high water jets and sand-like material. This technique allows high-quality processing of material of any hardness, shape, and complexity; even diamond, the hardest natural material, is among the materials this machine can handle. Hydro abrasive cutting allows cutting up to 150mm. At the moment, the most popular water jet cutting workpieces are:

  • Plastic;
  • ERubber;
  • Titanium;
  • Plastic;
  • Copper;
  • Brass;
  • Paranitis;
  • Granite;
  • Glass.

This special technique

allows one to cut materials that do not like the heating process. Our Lenstream water jet cutting machine FLOW IFG2 cuts the sheet material to the highest standards of cutting. At a high water jet pressure of 3,800 bar, this machine cuts material up to 150mm thick, as mentioned above. We emphasize that the maximum thickness of workpieces can be 1950x3450 millimetres, and for sheet materials up to 2000x4000 millimetres. Although hydro abrasive cutting seems a subtle and perhaps even expensive way to cut materials, it is not.

Hydroabrasive Cutting

This unique cutting method can help you solve a variety of material cutting problems.

  • This method does not heat the material, so it does not damage it;
  • The customer can adjust the cutting thickness to his own preference;
  • Produces high quality products;
  • Cutting any material;
  • Performs the assigned task quickly.

We, at Lenstream,

can be proud to offer our customers Hydroabrasive cutting technology. It is unique in many ways and can reduce our daily to-do list by one line. It gives customers the opportunity to create unique products and fulfil any idea. However, as a company, we can only admire the high quality of collaboration and great love for what we and our customers do.

Metal laser cutting and bending service provider in the Baltic states.

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