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Design of Metal Structures


Design of Metal Structures by Lenstream Specialists

Everything can be real; a thought that previously aroused in the head, and then the unjustified feeling that it has to be done. We, the Lenstream team, understand our customers when they have so many ideas that one does do not know with what to start. The developing process is the moment when an idea is put on a paper and it starts to incarnate its actual outline.

For a quick and successful development process, we recommend that you come to us and speak through everything in person. Our specialists can create a to-do list and an outline of the final product. In our opinion, this is a great way to customize the range of services from A to Z, without wasting our customers’ valuable time.


The designing process of metal structures consists of:

  • Negotiating pre-project stage to understand pricing;
  • Computer-aided sketching of metal structures for the first outline;
  • Negotiating specifications of metal structures with the customer;
  • Developing specifications for screws, joints and other parts;
  • Designing a complete site to the required standards;
  • Negotiation the time of production and the service life of the product;
  • Object development;
  • Evaluation and receipt of the final product.

All the design work is done by certified professionals, who are knowledgeable in their craft and will be able to assist you in the most complex projects. Lenstream designs a wide range of moving and rigid parts for a wide variety of industries.


Lenstream understands

that this part of the project is very complex and needs to be taken seriously, so we will bring in all the professionals you need to make sure that the end product is high quality, long-lasting, aesthetically appealing (if necessary) and executed within the set deadlines. We have been working in the metalworking industry for a long time, and in our accumulated experience, we have experienced both large and small projects. It inspires us for new projects and opportunities to expand the range of services for our clients. Only by continually increasing the range of our services, maintaining high-quality standards and keeping up with the 21st century, we can be great partners for our clients. By choosing a professional Lenstream team, you can be sure that every step of the process will be carried out to the highest quality standards.

Metal laser cutting and bending service provider in the Baltic states.

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