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CNC Milling


Professional CNC Milling - Design, Quality and Elegance

Professional CNC milling is a unique type of metalworking that allows you to cut even the smallest details. In the 21st century, this process is completely mechanized and requires
no human intervention whatsoever. Lenstream also offers this type of metalworking services. In everyday life, we cannot even imagine how many metal products are made precisely thanks
to CNC milling.

This type of metalworking is commonly used:

  • Metalworking arts;
  • Manufacturing of industrial parts;
  • Making unique house names;
  • Creating design elements;
  • Complementing furniture elements;
  • Manufacture of small spare parts, etc.

Thanks to the large machining area

of the CNC milling machine, we are able to work with really long details. This gives Lenstream customers a wide range of opportunities to realize their visions. The CNC milling cutter can have precision up to 0.001 millimetres, with the ability to work in three to five axes and with up to 10,000 pieces per week. It is also a positive fact that if the customer needs several parts of complicated shapes and identical appearance, the CNC cutter can produce such parts in a really short period of time.


The following metals can be processed with CNC milling:

  • Aluminium;
  • Steel;
  • Stainless steel;
  • Bronze;
  • Brass;
  • Cast iron forgings.

Looking at the individual metalworking

exposure of each metal, one of the most submissive
metals is aluminium. It is easy to work with and offers the most interesting CNC milling capabilities. When it comes to milling steel and stainless steel, it should be emphasized that
these metals are delighted by their durability and long service life. One of the fashion cries; of recent times is the milling of cast iron forgings. This is because this material is excellent
for the process, has a long service life and is financially profitable. Lenstreams high-quality CNC milling machines can handle up to 12'000 RPM. Its cutting tool rotates about its axis and cuts unnecessary material from the workpiece at different angles. This process takes place as long as the final product is designed according to the original drawings.

Also the milling surface can vary. Surface variants offered by CNC are:

  • Angular;
  • Flat;
  • Prohibited.

Lenstream offers professional CNC

(Digital Numerical Control) services and guarantees that all devices are programmed according to each customer;s order. We work with ISO 9001 certification, which guarantees quality, safety, long life and the highest standards of metal product performance.

Metal laser cutting and bending service provider in the Baltic states.

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